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Digital Advertising Spend Optimization - Media Mix Modelling

Goes all the way from raw clickstream data to estimating spend-to-sales effects at a million-dollar scale.

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Google Merchandise Store - Discovery

This is a prototype of C-level report to understand website performace of a company. Here, it’s Google Merchandise Store.

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Mobile Game Analytics A/B Testing

A quick-to-refer framework to make decision whether to run a test.

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Rating Prediction for Google Local - User reviews

A sentiment driven rating prediction to better recommend places to visit for users.

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Regression in Microsoft Excel

Before diving into writing code for regression, this work highlights the concepts and assumptions using Excel.

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SQL Data Exploration on Jupyter

A simple initiative to setup an environment locally and query. You also have some basic clauses covered in the blog.

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What-is-what in Statistics and Data Science - Tableau Dashboard

Collation of introductory information on different concepts in statistics and data science.

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