I have 6+ years of work experience in e-learning, insurance, and the non-profit sector companies with a knack for marketing analytics. I am a self-motivated analytics enthusiast inclined to generate actionable insights to support decision-making and better the customer experience. Graduated with Masters in Business Analytics at UC San Diego and in a data journey for the greater good. Feel free to click the Works to unveil the projects I worked on). Furthermore, I enjoy working on modeling and the interesting part to me is translating those results into an easy-to-understand language be it business or for fun.

My Forte

Skills Timeline

Machine Learning Forte: Regression, Classification, Clustering, Decision Tree, XGBoost, Neural Networks, Ensemble

Visualization Forte: Tableau, Google Data Studio, R (ggplot)

Programming/Scripting: R (caret, tidyverse), Python (NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib, seaborn), SQL (MS SQL Server, Postgresql)

Relevant coursework: Customer Analytics, Pricing Analytics, Web Mining and Recommender Systems

Function specific Forte: CLV Customer Lifetime Value) Analysis, RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) Analysis

In the community

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